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Current and near-term advances in Earth observation for ecological applications
Authors: Susan L. Ustin and Elizabeth M. Middleton

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Ustin, S.L., Middleton, E.M. Current and near-term advances in Earth observation for ecological applications. Ecol Process 10, 1 (2021).

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Artificial Intelligence for Climate Change Risk Prediction, Adaptation, & Mitigation
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Ecological Processes is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal devoted to quality publications in ecological studies with a focus on the underlying processes responsible for the dynamics and functions of ecological systems at multiple spatial and temporal scales. The journal welcomes manuscripts on techniques, approaches, concepts, models, reviews, syntheses, short communications and applied research for advancing our knowledge and capability toward sustainability of ecosystems and the environment. Integrations of ecological and socio-economic processes are strongly encouraged.

Along with the journal's rigorous peer review standards and rapid submit-to-acceptance time of less than 120 days, this latest achievement demonstrates the ability of Ecological Processes to deliver timely, accurate and relevant research findings to the field of ecology.

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