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Table 2 Indicators that justify farmers’ perception of increasing temperature and decreasing precipitation

From: Farmers’ perception of climate change and adaptation strategies in the Dabus watershed, North-West Ethiopia

Indicators of temperature change
 Longest months with high day time temperature13333.3
 Frequent occurrence of heat-induced crop disease11929.3
 Switch to heat tolerant crop types/varieties (not previously adapted to the area)11027.1
 Frequent occurrence of heat-induced livestock disease10726.4
 Frequent occurrence of heat-induced human disease10325.4
 Emergence of new plant species/invasive species in the form of weed8220.2
 Quick disappearance of water sources/points due to high evaporation8019.7
Indicators of precipitation change
 Shortened length of rainy season13618.2
 Change in planting time/date to adjust to onset of rainfall12316.8
 Early onset and early exit of rainy season11415.5
 Erratic nature of rainfall/Increased volume of rainfall at a time10013.6
 Late onset of rainy season9913.5
 Crop failure due to water shortage9813.4
 Switch to drought tolerant crop types/varieties (not previously adapted to the area)648.7