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Table 7 Results of Student t test for various parameters

From: Appraisal of arid land status: a holistic assessment pertains to bio-physical indicators and ecosystem values

Parameters Events Inter-pulse Non-pulse
Bare patch Pulse 3.42b 4.61b
Inter-pulse 1.91a
Species richness Pulse 6.43b 12.87b
Inter-pulse 5.00b
Shannon diversity index Pulse 6.21b 9.81b
Inter-pulse 6.01b
Evenness Pulse 0.45 NS 1.06NS
Inter-pulse 1.66 NS
Soil organic carbon Pulse 3.99b 2.83b
Inter-pulse 0.372 NS
Soil phosphorus Pulse 3.56b 7.26b
Inter-pulse 4.14b
Soil nitrogen Pulse 3.71b 2.78b
Inter-pulse 0.89 NS
Soil pH Pulse 7.56b 9.24b
Inter-pulse 2.01a
Soil electric conductivity Pulse 0.96 NS 2.47b
Inter-pulse 4.09b
Soil moisture Pulse 6.09b 7.99b
Inter-pulse 3.46b
Relative coverage score Pulse 4.20b 4.49b
Inter-pulse 0.75 NS
Revised SQI Pulse 5.51b 3.25b
Inter-pulse   0.121 NS
Herbaceous component score Pulse 3.60b 3.92b
Inter-pulse   0.75 NS
EMV Pulse 12.62b 14.39b
Inter-pulse   0.23 NS
Land status Pulse 16.50b 10.54b
Inter-pulse   0.56 NS
  1. t-critical one tail and two tail are 1.79a and 2.20b, respectively