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Table 2 The mean and their significant variations (one-way ANOVA) of soil physical properties in conserved and non-conserved plots

From: Effects of soil and water conservation practices on soil physicochemical properties in Gumara watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

  Soil particle size proportions Soil texture Soil textural class Bulk density (g cm-3)
Sand (%) Clay (%) Silt (%)
Treatment CL 7.83 67.8 24.3 Fine Clay 1.250
NCL 10.3 60.5 29.2 Fine Clay 1.247
F ratio .864 1.914 1.258 Fine Clay .002
p .363ns .18ns .274ns .963ns
  1. CL conserved land, NCL non-conserved land, P p value, ns not significant at p < 0.05