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Table 1 Physical characteristics of studied lakes and ponds

From: Spatio-temporal variation of zooplankton community structure in tropical urban waterbodies along trophic and urban gradients

Lake/pondLatitude, longitudeUrbanization gradientSurface area (km2)Shore length (km)Distance from the city center (km)
Permaisuri101°43′11.826″ E, 3°5′59.249″ NLow density, urban lake garden0.051.336.4
Intan Baiduri101°39′23.014″ E, 3°13′57.899″ NHigh density0.171.6910.4
Metropolitan101°38′47.393″ E, 3°13′29.114″ NMedium density, urban lake garden0.422.9510.5
Biru Kundang101°31′32.00″ E, 3°15′0.56″ NLow density0.282.1323.2
Titiwangsa101°42′20.26″ E, 3°10′37.84″ NMedium density, urban lake garden0.143.152.4
Batu101°40′36.865″ E, 3°13′21.011″ NHigh density0.653.288.2
Desa Park101°41′30.818″ E, 3°6′8.042″ NLow density0.121.616.5
Jinjang101°40′0.071″ E, 3°12′45.049″ NHigh density0.403.88.1
Sri Johor101°42′45.165″ E, 3°6′27.725″ NHigh density0.151.755.5
Danau Kota101°43′7.524″ E, 3°12′13.215″ NMedium density0.071.15.2
Selayang101°39′54.513″ E, 3°14′9.933″ NHigh density0.091.389.9