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Table 3 Spearman correlation matrix of zooplankton and environmental parameters

From: Spatio-temporal variation of zooplankton community structure in tropical urban waterbodies along trophic and urban gradients

VariablesTotal phosphorusSurface area (ha)Shore length (km)Rotifer densityRotifer species richness (d)Rotifer species evenness (J’)Rotifer species diversity (H′)Zooplankton density
Total phosphorus1.00       
Surface area (ha)− 0.141.00      
Shore length (km)− 0.340.851.00     
Rotifer density0.400.05− 0.091.00    
Rotifer species richness (d)− 0.550.110.03− 0.641.00   
Rotifer species evenness (J’)− 0.420.290.51− 0.470.351.00  
Rotifer species diversity (H′)− 0.450.440.59− 0.190.310.911.00 
Zooplankton density0.450.12−0.040.97− 0.65− 0.39− 0.151.00
Zooplankton diversity− 0.730.330.49− 0.360.600.790.84− 0.37
  1. Values in italics are significant different p < 0.05