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Fig. 3 | Ecological Processes

Fig. 3

From: Effects of light availability on leaf attributes and seedling growth of four tree species in tropical dry forest

Fig. 3

Mean values of leaf traits across sites, seasons, and species. SLA, specific leaf area; LDMC, leaf dry matter content; LNC, leaf nitrogen concentration; LPC, leaf phosphorus concentration; Chl, chlorophyll concentration; HN, Hathinala; GG, Gaighat; HK, Harnakachar; RT, Ranitali; PR, pre-rainy; R, rainy; EPR, early post-rainy; LPR, late post-rainy; Shro, Shorea robusta; Brre, Briedelia retusa; Lapa, Lagerstroemia parviflora; Acca, Acacia catechu. Narrow bars represents 1 S.E. Different letters above the bars indicate significant differences after Tukey’s post hoc test (a = 0.05)

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