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Table 1 Location, light, and physicochemical properties of soil and major tree species of four study sites

From: Effects of light availability on leaf attributes and seedling growth of four tree species in tropical dry forest

Location24° 18′ 07″ N and 83° 05′ 57″ E24° 24′ 13″ N and 83° 12′ 01″ E24° 18′ 33″ N and 83° 23′ 05″ E24° 18′ 11″ N and 83° 04′ 22″ E
Altitude (m.a.s.l.)291245323287
Soil moisture content (SMC, %)14.40a(±0.73)12.06a,b(±0.53)11.0b(±0.63)8.0c(±0.74)
Bulk density (g cm−3)1.31a(±0.04)1.35a(±0.02)1.27a(±0.03)1.26a(±0.02)
Clay (%)10.97a(±0.56)7.14b(±0.51)4.83c(±0.32)3.03d(±0.31)
Silt (%)30.97a(±0.28)31.86a(±0.60)26.17b(±0.37)26.42b(±0.37)
Sand (%)58.05a(±0.32)61.0b(±0.70)69.0c(±0.63)70.5c(±0.65)
Soil pH6.85a(±0.05)6.44b(±0.04)6.54b(±0.05)6.40b(±0.04)
Organic C (%)1.92a(±0.08)1.81a(±0.05)1.46b(±0.04)1.28b(±0.01)
Total N (%)0.17a(±0.04)0.15a(±0.03)0.13b(±0.01)0.12b(±0.02)
Total P (%)0.05a(±0.02)0.03b(±0.01)0.02b(±0.00)0.02b(±0.01)
Species richness ( no. of species 0.1 ha−1)*17a(±2)14b(±1)16a,b(±1)16a,b(±1)
Density of juveniles (stems ha−1)**13822a(±371)8733b(±378)9850b(±361)7044c(±645)
Major tree speciesShro, Teto, Lapa, and BulaShro, Bula, Teto, and DimeShro, Sofe, Teto, and BulaAcca, Lapa, Anla, and Teto
  1. a,b,c,d Values affixed with different letters in a row are significantly different from each other at P < 0.05. *,** Chaturvedi et al. (2012). Values in parentheses show the standard error. Abbreviations: Acca = Acacia catechu, Anla = Anogeissus latifolia, Bula = Buchanania lanzan, Dime = Diospyros melanoxylon, Lapa = Lagerstroemia parviflora, Shro = Shorea robusta, Sofe = Soymida febrifuga, Teto = Terminalia tomentosa