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Table 2 Soil texture and mean ± standard error of the means of total colony forming units (counts × 106) of bacteria; (counts × 103) of fungi per gram of soil in the invaded and native sites

From: Soil biotic and abiotic conditions negate invasive species performance in native habitat

SitesSoil TextureSand %Silt %Clay %CFU of Bacteria g− 1 soilCFU of Fungi g− 1 soil
Tree Tops Park, FL, USSandy loam7816.55.5143.66 (13.00)73.83 (12.27)
Central Florida, USClay134047138.33 (10.78)61.16 (9.82)
Jonathan Dickinson, FL, USSand982039 (4.28)46.66 (7.76)
Daintree Ferry, Queensland, AUSilt loam2557.517.5288 (16.56)123.5 (13.63)
Logan Reserve, Queensland, AUSandy clay loam67.52012.5103.83 (10.12)50.5 (8.75)
Nudgee, Queensland, AULoam5032.517.5153.5 (6.15)49.00 (4.60)