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Table 2 Interaction effects of sub-watersheds, landscape positions, land uses, and soil depths on selected soil physical properties

From: Effects of sustainable land management interventions on selected soil properties in Geda watershed, central highlands of Ethiopia

 BD (g/cm3)Particle size distribution (%)
Sub-watershed (SW) × landscape position (LP) × land use (LU)
 Untreated upperCrop1.32a53.17a22.83b24.00c
 Untreated lowerCrop1.16bc41.17b23.33b35.50a
 Treated upperCrop1.05cd30.83c36.33a32.83ab
 Treated lowerCrop1.06cd31.00c35.50a33.50ab
SW × LP × soil depth (SD)
 Untreated upper0–15 cm1.36a55.83a19.83b24.33d
15–30 cm1.31a48.83b23.33b27.83cd
 Untreated lower0–15 cm1.19b43.33c23.33b33.33a
15–30 cm1.18b38.50d23.83b37.67a
 Treated upper0–15 cm1.142bc32.17e36.50a31.33bc
15–30 cm1.058cd30.17e38.17a31.67bc
 Treated lower0–15 cm1.083bcd33.50e34.83a31.67bc
15–30 cm1.008d29.67e38.17a32.17bc
SW × LU × SD
 Untreated crop0–15 cm1.28a50.83a21.67c27.50
15–30 cm1.20ab43.50b24.50c32.00
 Untreated grazing0–15 cm1.27a48.33ab21.50c30.17
15–30 cm1.29a43.83b22.67c33.50
 Treated crop0–15 cm1.09bc32.17c34.33b33.50
15–30 cm1.02c29.67c37.50ab32.83
 Treated grazing0–15 cm1.14bc33.50c37.00ab29.50
15–30  cm1.05c30.17c38.83a31.00
P–SW × LP × LU************
P–SW × LP × SD************
P–SW × LU × SD*********ns
  1. Means within columns under each subtopic followed by different letters are significantly different from each other at P ≤ 0.05; ***significant at P ≤ 0.001; ns non-significant, BD bulk density