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Table 3 Soil analysis results for SOC and labile organic carbon at 0–30 cm soil depth for different stand density levels. Values are the mean ± standard deviation (SD). Different lowercase letters (a, b, c) indicate significant differences between stand density levels (P < 0.05). SOC, soil organic carbon; DOC, soil dissolved organic carbon; MBC, microbial biomass carbon; LFOC, light fraction organic carbon; ROC, readily oxidized carbon. 27a, 27-year-old stand; 36a, 36-year-old stand; 48a, 48-year-old stand

From: Effects of stand density on soil respiration and labile organic carbon in different aged Larix principis-rupprechtii plantations

Stand age Stand density level SOC (g/kg) MBC (mg/kg) DOC (mg/kg) LFOC (mg/kg) ROC (mg/kg)
27a LD 14.19±1.56a 286.37±18.89ab 196.42±15.17a 381.53±9.89a 1328.85±100.73a
MD 14.21±0.41a 308.94±4.17a 206.48±5.71a 379.92±14.00a 1298.91±240.39a
HD 12.03±1.77a 263.93±21.01b 191.90±2.69a 351.99±6.51b 1503.01±73.66a
36a LD 19.83±1.62a 402.62±29.44a 257.88±9.94a 419.48±5.43a 1651±72.05a
MD 19.33±0.79a 455.49±3.51b 258.21±13.72a 426.35±10.62a 1321.13±281.17a
HD 17.88±0.14a 384.30±33.61a 260.66±6.52a 403.21±4.67b 1636.35±82.91a
48a LD 24.96±1.58a 441.18±71.05ab 364.68±4.20a 501.76±13.60a 2302.76±83.38a
MD 22.67±2.32a 533.82±81.96a 355.39±14.31ab 523.81±16.39a 1548.48±286.68b
HD 22.16±0.55a 381.57±14.75b 345.63±2.64b 419.88±5.36b 2200.04±343.99a