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Table 1 Description of sampling sites

From: Impact of human disturbances on soil cyanobacteria diversity and distribution in suburban arid area of Marrakesh, Morocco

Sampling sites Coordinates Altitude (m) Type of disturbance and land uses
Reference site
N : 31° 25.226′
W : 007° 50.240′
436 Reference site, located at 20 km east of Marrakesh, uncultivated land, jujube steppe soil. Rural area without significant human activities.
Non-cultivated land—construction waste area
N : 31° 41.284′
W : 007° 59.823′
397 Non-cultivated land, site located on the palm grove of Marrakech. Soil slightly disturbed by construction waste.
S3: Cultivated land—groundwater N : 31° 41.181′
W : 008° 01.924′
402 Cultivated land, Food and fodder crop fields. Soil fertilized and irrigated by groundwater.
Non-cultivated land—former dump of Marrakesh
N : 31°42, .170′
W : 008° 03.921′
405 Non-cultivated land, site located near the former public dumps of Marrakech. Polluted soil by the discharges of municipal solid waste.
Cultivated land—treated wastewater
N : 31° 42.373′
W : 008° 04.312′
385 Cultivated land, Cereal and alfalfa fields and crops. Irrigated soil by treated wastewater from the Marrakesh treatment plant.
Non-cultivated land—mine wastes
N : 31° 42.906′
W : 008° 08.091′
372 Non-cultivated land, site located at 13 km northwest of Marrakesh in the vicinity of the Draa Lasfar mine (production of copper, cobalt, zinc, and lead). Soil contaminated by solid mine wastes.