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Table 2 Classification of avian feeding guild based on predominant diet

From: Habitat heterogeneity influences avian feeding guild composition in urban landscapes: evidence from Bhubaneswar, India

Feeding guild Category Food source
Frugivorous Frugivore, fruit eater Fleshy fruits
Carnivorous Carnivore, raptor, predator Large arthropods and vertebrate prey
Avivorous Avivour, egg stealer Birds
Granivorous Granivore, seed eater Grain, seeds, and nuts
Insectivorous Insectivore, ant follower, woodpecker Small arthropods
Molluscivorous Molluscivore Molluscs
Nectarivorous Nectarivore, pollen eater Nectar
Ophiophagous Ophiophagus, reptile eater Snake
Piscivorous Piscivore Fishes
Omnivorous Omnivore, miscellaneous (animals and plant parts) Plant (grain, seed, leaf, stem, root) and animal (insect, mollusc, fish, etc.)
Herbivorous Herbivore, plant eater Herbs and macrophytes (stem and roots)