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Table 3 The six land use/land cover (LULC) categories, their biome equivalents and valuation coefficients used for ecosystem service values estimation in USD/ha/year

From: The impacts of land-use and land-cover change on wetland ecosystem service values in peri-urban and urban area of Bahir Dar City, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Northwestern Ethiopia

LULC categories Equivalent Biome Ecosystem service coefficients USD/ha/year (1994)
Cultivated land Cropland 225.56a
Grazing land Grassland 293.25a
Vegetation Tropical forest 986.69a
Built-up area Urban 0.00
Water body Water body 8103.50a
Wetland Inland wetlands 4204.02b
  1. aValue coefficients adopted from Kindu et al. (2016). bOwn modified value coefficient using the Economic of Ecosystem and Biodiversity valuation database (Van der Ploeg et al. 2010)