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Table 5 A summary of the effects of wildfire or burning on the downstream riverine and estuarine water properties. The arrows before the water properties indicate that the subsequent water properties increased (↑), decreased (↓), or did not change (→). See the list of abbreviations for the water properties

From: The impact of tropical land-use change on downstream riverine and estuarine water properties and biogeochemical cycles: a review

Study sites Effects on downstream water properties Sources
Mendolong catchment, Sabah, Malaysia ↑: TN, NO3, NH4+, TP, PO43−, DOC Grip et al. (1994), Malmer and Grip (1994), Malmer (1996)
  ↑: TN, NO3, NH4+
→: PO43−
Malmer (2004)
Rain waters and aerosol deposition during smoke haze events, Singapore ↑: TN, NO3 + NO2, NH4+, TP, PO43− Sundarambal et al. (2010a, b)
Kakadu National Park catchments, Northern Territory, Australia ↑: SS, TN, TP Townsend and Douglas (2000)
  ↑: TN
→: SS, TP
Townsend and Douglas (2004)