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Table 5 The combined effects of functional diversity and functional dominance on AGC stock

From: Tree species diversity predicts aboveground carbon storage through functional diversity and functional dominance in the dry evergreen Afromontane forest of Hararghe highland, Southeast Ethiopia

Model    Est. SE df Pr (>|t|)
Functional diversity + Functional dominance Fixed effects (Intercept) 33.70 20.19 48.24 0.102
CWM WD −63.52 29.76 34.67 0.040
FDis 15.46 4.08 35.86 < 0.001
Random effects (variance) Elevation 47.95    
Rsd. 0.286    
Marg. R2 22.4    
AIC 342.60    
  1. Est. coefficient estimates, SE standard errors, Rsd. residual variance, df degree of freedom, Marg. R2 marginal R square, FDis functional dispersion, CWM community weight mean, WD wood density