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Table 1 Comparison of different sampling strategies used to collect laterally exported detritus at different study sites (ANPP = aboveground net primary production)

From: Lateral detrital C transfer across a Spartina alterniflora invaded estuarine wetland

Reference Site Marsh type Sampling frequency Contribution of ANPP (%)
Teal (1962) Sapelo Island, Georgia, USA Spartina alterniflora Yearly 45
Palomo and Niell (2009) Palmones River estuary, Spain Sarcocornia perennis ssp. Bimonthly 12
Wolff et al. (1979) Oosterschelde estuary, The Netherlands Halimione portulacoides, Spartina townsendii, Puccinellia maritima Monthly 10
Bouchard et al. (1998) Southern Normandy gulf, France Atriplex portulacoides Weekly 14
Dame et al. (1986) North Carolina marsh, USA Spartina alterniflora Daily  < 1
Dankers et al. (1984) Ems-Dollard estuary, The Netherlands Puccinellia maritima Daily 1
Hemminga et al. (1996) Westerschelde estuary, The Netherlands Elymus pycnanthus, Scirpus maritimus, Phragmites australis, Puccinellia maritima Daily  < 0.2