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Table 1 Coordinates, bedrock, topographic features, biogeographic region, and number of sampling units per each chronosequence stage of the four study sites located in Italy

From: Congruent responses of vascular plant and ant communities to pastoral land-use abandonment in mountain areas throughout different biogeographic regions

  Study sites
Macomer Almese Casteldelfino Val Vogna
Coordinates 40°14′05.9"N, 8°42′08.8"E 45°06′25.2"N, 7°26′32.9"E 44°35′14.0"N, 7°05′39.2"E 45°46′51.5"N, 7°54′02.7"E
Bedrock Basalt Serpentinite Serpentinite Gneiss
Elevation (m a.s.l.) 670 480 1380 1760
Slope angle (degree) 5 21.2 26.3 18.6
Altitudinal zonation Colline Colline Subalpine Alpine
Biogeographic region Mediterranean Continental Alpine Alpine
    below the tree line above the tree line
Chronosequence stage Number of sampling units
  1   9 3 3 3
  2   9 6 6 6
  3   9 3 3 0