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Ecohydrological Processes and Ecosystem Services
Accepting manuscripts starting: March 2016

Global Change and Ecological Processes
Deadline for submissions: December 31, 2016

Remote Sensing of Landscape Processes
Deadline for submissions: December 31, 2016

Forthcoming Special Issues

Urban Landscapes - from patterns to processes

This Special Issue aims at bridging the knowledge gap between urbanization, changing landscape and biodiversity, the processes involved and urban observation and monitoring methods. The use of these theoretical, conceptual to applied methods used in urban research and management will be the highlight of this Special Issue.

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Aims and scope

Ecological Processes is an Open Access peer-reviewed international journal devoted to the publication of high quality research, with articles on all aspects of biological, chemical, physical, and hydrological processes of ecosystem and landscape dynamics across spatial and temporal scales, while highlighting topics of current interest in certain issues. Emphasis is placed on techniques, approaches, and concepts, including but not limited to: descriptive, comparative, experimental, mathematical, statistical, and interdisciplinary approaches. Ecological Processes aims to provide better understanding of the ecosystem processes and landscape processes, therefore, better management of ecosystems and environments.

Ecological Processes presents a unique niche for ecological publications and embraces a wide, interdisciplinary scope of ideas and an integrated, comprehensive approach to each one. Though the journal specifically welcomes articles that integrate natural and social processes at appropriately broad spatial and temporal scales, we publish research regarding all aspects of biological, chemical, physical and hydrological processes of ecosystem and landscape dynamics across spatial and temporal scales, including new tools, models, analytic assessments and experimental methods to understand:

  • Ecological processes that affect populations, communities, ecosystems and landscapes.
  • Ecological processes that operate at landscape scales, regional scales and global scales.
  • Ecological processes that impact spatial and temporal dynamics and patterns.
  • Ecological processes that play an essential role in maintaining ecosystem integrity and community complexity.
  • Ecological processes that influence the development stages of ecological sustainability.
  • Ecological processes that support the maintenance or restoration of the ecological system composition, structure, and function over time and space.
  • Ecological processes that describe the cycling of water, the cycling of nutrients, the flow of energy and biological diversity.
  • Ecological processes that define resource availability, competition, evolution, biochemical inhabitation, and allelopathy factors.
  • Ecological processes that spread across trophic levels, flow between sources and sink, and operate on different spatial and temporal scales.
  • Ecological Processes that integrate natural and social processes across time and space.
  • Ecological Processes that correspond to their interdisciplinary nature (e.g. biology, ecology, environmental science, mathematics, and modeling).