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Ecological Processes annual awards

Ecological Processes recognises the achievements of its valued community with two annual awards.

The Highly Cited Paper Award is granted to one or more papers published in the last two years that have received a notably high number of citations in the current year.

The Excellent Reviewer Award is granted to one or more reviewers who have conducted a number of reviews that contain detailed and helpful comments, which improve the overall quality of the published article.

The Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher congratulate our annual winners.


Highly Cited Paper Award

Heavy metals accumulation in suburban roadside plants of a tropical area (Jengka, Malaysia)
Fazrul Razman Sulaiman, Huda Asilah Hamzah

Impact of land uses on water quality in Malaysia: a review
Moriken Camara, Nor Rohaizah Jamil, Ahmad Fikri Bin Abdullah

Land use change in highland area and its impact on river water quality: a review of case studies in Malaysia
Azlini Razali, Sharifah Norkhadijah Syed Ismail, Suriyani Awang, Sarva Mangala Praveena, Emilia Zainal Abidin 

The spatial variability of actual evapotranspiration across the Amazon River Basin based on remote sensing products validated with flux towers
Victor Hugo da Motta Paca, Gonzalo E. Espinoza-Dávalos, Tim M. Hessels, Daniel Medeiros Moreira, Georges F. Comair, Wim G. M. Bastiaanssen

Excellent Reviewer Award

Donald Deangelis, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Ian Douglas, The University of Manchester, UK
Adewale Awoyemi, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria


Highly Cited Paper Award

cffdrs: an R package for the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
Xianli Wang, B. Mike Wotton, Alan S. Cantin, Marc-André Parisien, Kerry Anderson, Brett Moore & Mike D. Flannigan

Short-term prediction of NO2 and NOx concentrations using multilayer perceptron neural network: a case study of Tabriz, Iran
Akbar Rahimi

Impact of deforestation on habitat connectivity thresholds for large carnivores in tropical forests
Miriam A. Zemanova, Humberto L. Perotto-Baldivieso, Emily L. Dickins, Andrew B. Gill, John P. Leonard & David B. Wester

Characterizing drought in California: new drought indices and scenario-testing in support of resource management
Lorraine E. Flint, Alan L. Flint, John Mendoza, Julie Kalansky & F. M. Ralph

Excellent Reviewer Award

Donald Deangelis, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Kiros Deribew, Jimma University, Ethiopia
Ian Douglas, The University of Manchester, UK


Highly Cited Paper Award

Applications of structural equation modeling (SEM) in ecological studies: an updated review
Yi Fan, Jiquan Chen, Gabriela Shirkey, Ranjeet John, Susie R. Wu, Hogeun Park and Changliang Shao

Understanding livestock production and sustainability of grassland ecosystems in the Asian Dryland Belt
Jiaguo Qi, Xiaoping Xin, Ranjeet John, Pavel Groisman and Jiquan Chen

Spatial distribution and source identification of heavy metal pollution in roadside surface soil: a study of Dhaka Aricha highway, Bangladesh
Fahad Ahmed, A. N. M. Fakhruddin, M. D. Toufick Imam, Nasima Khan, Tanzir Ahmed Khan, Md. Mahfuzur Rahman and Abu Tareq Mohammad Abdullah

Excellent Reviewer Award

Donald Deangelis, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Todd Fagin, University of Oklahoma, USA
Hesekia Garekae, Rhodes University, South Africa

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