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Table 1 Details of study sites in Lesser Himalayan stratum

From: Environmental variables vis-a-vis distribution of herbaceous tracheophytes on northern sub-slopes in Western Himalayan ecotone

S. No.Study sitesMountain aspectGeographical coordinatesElevation (meters above msl)Herbaceous species
IKHANorth (N)32° 56.282′ N-75° 46.109′ E226626
IIBPNorth west (NW)32° 55.269′ N-75° 47.416′ E278433
IIIGULNorth east (NE)32° 54.008′ N-75° 45.184′ E291642
IVBRKNorth (N)32° 56.326′ N-75° 45.878′ E214228
  1. KHA, Khanitop; BP, Below Padhri; GUL, Guldanada; BRK, Budh Ro Kut