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  1. The aim of this study is to elucidate the potential risk zones prone to the invasion of perennial ornamental plant Lantana camara, which is native to South America and has invasive tendency in Jharkhand, eastern ...

    Authors: Sharad Tiwari, S. N. Mishra, Dharmendra Kumar, Basant Kumar, S. N. Vaidya, Brojo Gopal Ghosh, Sk Mujibar Rahaman, Masjuda Khatun, Sanjoy Garai and Amit Kumar
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:10
  2. Urban air pollution resulting from economic growth as well as urbanization impacts the health of inhabitants. This study aims to examine the spatial distribution of particulate matter (PM10) and the risk of expos...

    Authors: Siti Haslina Mohd Shafie, Mastura Mahmud, Suzani Mohamad, Nor Lita Fadilah Rameli, Ramdzani Abdullah and Ahmad Fariz Mohamed
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:3
  3. Most North American temperate forests are plantation or regrowth forests, which are actively managed. These forests are in different stages of their growth cycles and their ability to sequester atmospheric car...

    Authors: M. Altaf Arain, Bing Xu, Jason J. Brodeur, Myroslava Khomik, Matthias Peichl, Eric Beamesderfer, Natalia Restrepo-Couple and Robin Thorne
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:7
  4. Concentrations of heavy metals continue to increase in soil environments as a result of both anthropogenic activities and natural processes. Cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb) is one of the most toxic heavy metals and...

    Authors: Tongdong Mo, Daihua Jiang, Dingding Shi, Shaohui Xu, Xuejiao Huang and Zhigang Huang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:20
  5. Soil acidification caused by acid rain (AR) can damage plant roots, which in turn negatively impacts plant health. In response to changing AR types, research efforts to elucidate their specific impacts on plan...

    Authors: Xin Liu, Shilin Ma, Zhaohui Jia, Muhammad Ramzan, Miaojing Meng, Jinping Wang, Chong Li, Yinlong Zhang and Jinchi Zhang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:8
  6. Soil microorganisms in the thawing permafrost play key roles in the maintenance of ecosystem function and regulation of biogeochemical cycles. However, our knowledge of patterns and drivers of permafrost micro...

    Authors: Baihui Ren, Yuanman Hu and Rencang Bu
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:6
  7. Soil seed banks may offer great potential for maintaining and restoring desert ecosystems that have been degraded by climate change and anthropogenic disturbance. However, few studies have explored the year-to...

    Authors: Ya-Fei Shi, Zeng-Ru Wang, Bing-Xin Xu, Jian-Qiang Huo, Rui Hu, Yang Zhao and Zhi-Shan Zhang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:5
  8. Granivore-mediated seed dispersal is susceptible to changes in seed availability and silvicultural management, which alters synzoochorous interactions in the antagonism-mutualism continuum and affects the seed...

    Authors: Jing Wang, G. Geoff Wang, Rong Li, Yirong Sun, Lizhong Yu, Jiaojun Zhu and Qiaoling Yan
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2022 11:1
  9. The lateral movements of mass and energy across the terrestrial-aquatic interface are being increasingly recognized for their importance in the carbon (C) balance of coastal/estuarine wetlands. We quantified t...

    Authors: Yu Gao, Jiquan Chen, Tingting Zhang, Bin Zhao, Steven McNulty, Haiqiang Guo, Feng Zhao and Ping Zhuang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:70
  10. Reproducing populations of invasive carps (Hypophthalmichthys spp.) could alter aquatic food webs and negatively affect native fishes in the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MISS) and the St. Croix...

    Authors: Jeffrey R. Ziegeweid, Michelle R. Bartsch, Lynn A. Bartsch, Steven J. Zigler, Robert J. Kennedy and Seth A. Love
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:72
  11. Plant nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) is an important ecological indicator that reflects the capacity of a plant to transform nitrogen into production, which is essential for further elucidating plant growth and...

    Authors: Jiaqiang Liao, Zhaolei Li, Jinsong Wang, Dashuan Tian, Di Tian and Shuli Niu
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:69
  12. Soil erosion is one of the major threats in the Ethiopian highlands. In this study, soil erosion in the Muga watershed of the Upper Blue Nile Basin (Abay) under historical and future climate and land use/land ...

    Authors: Tatek Belay and Daniel Ayalew Mengistu
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:68
  13. Increasing urbanization as well as global warming requires an investigation of the influence of different construction methods and ground surfaces on the urban heat island effect (UHI effect). The extent of th...

    Authors: Florian Teichmann, Christina Maria Baumgartner, Andras Horvath, Markus Luisser and Azra Korjenic
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:67
  14. Freeze–thaw events are common in boreal and temperate forest ecosystems and are increasingly influenced by climate warming. Soil microorganisms play an important role in maintaining ecosystem stability, but th...

    Authors: Changpeng Sang, Zongwei Xia, Lifei Sun, Hao Sun, Ping Jiang, Chao Wang and Edith Bai
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:66
  15. China has been increasingly subject to significant acid rain, which has negative impacts on forest ecosystems. Recently, the concentrations of NO3 in acid rain have increased in conjunction with the rapid rise o...

    Authors: Xin Liu, Miaojing Meng, Yong Zhang, Chong Li, Shilin Ma, Qinyu Li, Qiong Ren, Yinlong Zhang and Jinchi Zhang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:65
  16. So far, macroecological studies in the Himalaya have mostly concentrated on spatial variation of overall species richness along the elevational gradient. Very few studies have attempted to document the differe...

    Authors: Kumar Manish
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:64
  17. With the increasing fragmentation of landscape induced by rapid urbanization, the construction of ecological networks is of great significance to alleviate the degradation of urban habitats and protect natural...

    Authors: Yang-Yang Li, Yu-Zhe Zhang, Zhi-Yun Jiang, Cheng-Xuan Guo, Ming-Yue Zhao, Zhi-Guang Yang, Ming-Yan Guo, Bing-Yue Wu and Quan-Ling Chen
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:63
  18. Understanding how soil fertility changes due to topographical conditions and forest attributes is an essential premise for local-scale forest management practices. We evaluated the effects of topographic varia...

    Authors: Alice Cristina Rodrigues, Pedro Manuel Villa, Walnir Gomes Ferreira-Júnior, Carlos Ernesto R. G. Schaefer and Andreza Viana Neri
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:62
  19. Countries have long been making efforts by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions to mitigate climate change. In the agreements of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, involved countries have ...

    Authors: Lifen Jiang, Junyi Liang, Xingjie Lu, Enqing Hou, Forrest M. Hoffman and Yiqi Luo
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:61
  20. Changes in foliar nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) stoichiometry play important roles in predicting the effects of global change on ecosystem structure and function. However, there is substantial debate on the ...

    Authors: Chengming You, Changhui Peng, Zhenfeng Xu, Yang Liu, Li Zhang, Rui Yin, Lin Liu, Han Li, Lixia Wang, Sining Liu, Bo Tan and Paul Kardol
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:58
  21. The breakdown of dead organic matter is driven by a diverse array of organisms and is an important process increasingly impacted by a range of contaminants. While many studies have documented how contaminants ...

    Authors: Ellard R. Hunting, Maarten Schrama, Daniel E. Rozen, Christina Joenssen and Nadja R. Brun
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:57
  22. The adverse effects of climate variability and extremes exert increasing pressure on rural farm households whose livelihoods are dependent on nature. However, integrated and area-specific vulnerability assessm...

    Authors: Abebe Arega Mekonen and Arega Bazezew Berlie
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:55
  23. Biodiversity supports multiple ecosystem services, whereas species loss endangers the provision of many services and affects ecosystem resilience and resistance capacity. The increase of remote sensing techniq...

    Authors: Yamina Micaela Rosas, Pablo L. Peri, María Vanessa Lencinas, Romina Lasagno and Guillermo J. Martínez Pastur
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:53
  24. Evaluating the impacts of land-use/land-cover (LULC) changes on ecosystem service values (ESVs) is essential for sustainable use and management of ecosystems. In this study, we evaluated the impact of human ac...

    Authors: Mulatu Liyew Berihun, Atsushi Tsunekawa, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Mitsuru Tsubo and Ayele Almaw Fenta
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:52
  25. Revealing the variations in soil aggregate-related organic carbon (OC) and labile organic carbon (LOC) fractions in a chronosequence of Chinese fir plantations plays an important role in better understanding t...

    Authors: Xinxin He, Yongzhen Huang, Qianchun Zhang, Shaoming Ye and Shengqiang Wang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:49
  26. Regarding the most important ecological challenges, scientists are increasingly debating the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function. Despite this, several experimental and theoretical researc...

    Authors: Mengistu Teshome Wondimu, Zebene Asfaw Nigussie and Muktar Mohammed Yusuf
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:47
  27. The timing, magnitude, and duration of extreme hydrological disasters have the potential to threaten the species diversity and river habitats. On August 8, 2014, and August 19, 2017, disastrous floods struck m...

    Authors: Mohammad Gholizadeh
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:46
  28. Despite the crucial role of nitrogen (N) availability in carbon (C) cycling in terrestrial ecosystems, soil organic C (SOC) mineralization in different sizes of soil aggregates under various land use types and...

    Authors: Ruirui Cao, Longchi Chen, Xincun Hou, Xiaotao Lü and Haimei Li
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:45
  29. The carbon pools of forest soils play a vital role in global carbon sequestration and emissions. Forest management can regulate the sequestration and output of forest soil carbon pools to a certain extent; how...

    Authors: Tairui Liu, Daoli Peng, Zhijie Tan, Jinping Guo and Yunxiang Zhang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:44
  30. Cyanobacteria are among the first photoautotrophic component of soil microorganism communities which play a key ecological role in nutrient cycles and soil productivity. However, the sustainability of these so...

    Authors: Z. Hakkoum, F. Minaoui, M. Douma, K. Mouhri and M. Loudiki
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:42
  31. Tropical primary forests have been disappearing quickly to make use of the land for commercial purposes. Land-use change has an impact on downstream aquatic processes, but those impacts have mainly been studie...

    Authors: Yasuaki Tanaka, Elizerberth Minggat and Wardina Roseli
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:40
  32. Even though wetlands are essential in enhancing water quality and providing recreation and entertainment opportunities in urban areas, their values are overlooked by the decision-makers. Underestimation of the...

    Authors: Workiyie Worie Assefa, Belachew Getnet Eneyew and Ayalew Wondie
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:39
  33. The effects of biodiversity on community function and services are frequently studied in the history of ecology, while the response of individual species to biodiversity remains great elusive. In this study, w...

    Authors: Liang-Yu Qi, Hong-Yuan Zeng, Zhong-Xi Bai, Yan-Hong Wang, Li Liu, Wen Zhong, Shi-Yun Ye, Hui Fu, Feng Li, Chang-Liang Shao and Ai-Ping Wu
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:38
  34. Urban areas are often built along large rivers and surrounded by agricultural land. This may lead to small tributary streams that have agricultural headwaters and urbanized lower reaches. Our study objectives ...

    Authors: Daniel T. L. Myers, Richard R. Rediske, James N. McNair, Aaron D. Parker and E. Wendy Ogilvie
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:37
  35. Conifers partition different N forms from soil, including ammonium, nitrate, and dissolved organic N (DON), to sustain plant growth. Previous studies focused on inorganic N sources and specific amino acid form...

    Authors: Xulun Zhou, Ang Wang, Erik A. Hobbie, Feifei Zhu, Xueyan Wang, Yinghua Li and Yunting Fang
    Citation: Ecological Processes 2021 10:36

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